Welcome to plantation.school


What is plantation.school?

Plantation.school is a cross cultural learning environment. We encourage to stimulate the creative process through experimentation and reflection. We offer courses, both in Holland and Zanzibar. Plantation.school makes you aware of our cultural similarities but celebrating it’s differences.

Plantation.school raises questions which have to be explored through the making process, starting from scratch. In collaboration with local craftsmen, artists and thinkers, we want to create a sustainable society.

Who can participate?

Plantation.school participants are surprised makers, engaged thinkers, contageous storytellers, vulnerable stayers and touching explorers. They don’t go with the flow but observe, they do approach the world from a personal point of view. They raise questions and generate ideas, open up new perspectives and stimulate their own hands-on mentality.

Plantation.school participants act in the social environmental context in which they live. They constantly seek for dialogue with the public to be able to position themselves.

Do you recognize yourself in this profile? Than plantation.school is the place to be in which you can stretch your qualities in practice.

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